Simulators & Phantoms

Simulators and Phantoms allow the handling and the use of medical devices, to practice skills and try them out.

Our products are designed for demanding users who want to improve their skills.

Our product concept is based on the following principles:

  • increasing difficulty levels (“Rookie”, “Advanced” and “Professional”)
  • combination of models with tissue replacement materials for practicing surgeries
  • accompanying representation of tutorials / educational videos
  • sensors to support the selected application procedure
  • measurement of the learning success / benchmarking

System Bronchoscopy

The basic module consists of a bronchial branch, which is specifically designed for this purpose. This bronchial branch is available in three difficulty levels (Rookie, Advanced and Professional). In the advanced stages a combination of this system with additional materials for foreign material removal, endo-bronchial ultrasound and tissue ablation is possible.

System Gastroscopy

The gastroscopical system includes the distal oesophageal, the stomach and the Duodenum.

Again, the user can practice certain realistic scenarios, which are mediated by an interactive tutorial. Additional modules allow the user to perform endoscopic ultrasound, the fine needle biopsy, biopsies and tissue abrasion (electrosurgery).

System Colonoscopy

For endoscopy of the colon a special model was also developed. Through connection by means of sensors, the user can be given an understanding of certain scenarios via specially geared tutorials and thus, these can be exercised.

System Laparoscopy

Laparoscopy training devices already available on the market can easily be combined with our system for training videos. Our sensors allow for measurement of training success and benchmarking.

System Urology

Urology trainers which are already available on the market can also be connected with our system of training videos and sensors to increase the learning success and to document it.

Customized models

In addition, we develop and produce customized models/simulators/phantoms on the basis of concrete patient data to planning of medical operations to medical training and product presentations.