SimStar Covid Swab

The new training model for the nasal swab

SimStar Covid Swab

Model for demonstrating and practising taking samples from the nasopharynx, e.g. for Covid 19 rapid tests

Due to the intricate structure of the nasal cavity, it takes some practice to obtain a meaningful swab that is not unnecessarily stressful for the test person.


  • Training model for taking samples from the nasopharynx
  • Realistic anatomical structures
  • Soft, yielding material
  • Can be used open or closed
  • Success control by colour swabbing the area to be tested


  • Seeing means understanding
  • Practice the correct insertion position
  • Guarantee of a valid test by using the right technique at the right place
  • Reduction of stress for the tested person (patient)
  • Safety for the examiner
  • Success control with colour swab