SimStar ERCP

Das neue Trainingsmodell für die interventionelle ERCP

SimStar ERCP

The new training model for interventional ERCP



The SimStar ERCP allows you to learn and practice ERCP.

  • Training model for interventional ERCP
  • good anatomical structures
  • realistic and haptic feeling when using the duodenoscope
  • Training of the adjustment of the papilla and insertion of the papillotome into the papilla (without incision)
  • then training of the insertion of the guide wire into the bile duct or pancreatic duct in four different anatomical variations:
    1. Common papilla – normal ampulla
    2. Common papilla – short ampulla
    3. Double papilla – parallel ducts
    4. Common papilla – long shaft
  • Intervention options (with different inserts):
    • placement of metal stents in the biliary and pakreatic ducts
    • placement of plastic stents in the biliary and pancreatic ducts
    • stone extraction with balloon catheter
    • stone extraction with basket
  • Complete model in transport case

Your advantages

  • innovative training models for learning and practicing ERCP and intervention techniques
  • completely artificial materials
  • completely disinfectable
  • no additional (vet) training endoscopes necessary